Thursday, June 30, 2005

Maria McKee Has A New Record....KICK ASS !!!

There I was, wandering through Best Buy, already clutching Fountains Of Wayne "Out Of State Plates" in my grubby hands, my ears bleeding from someone testing the bass levels on EVERY FUCKING STEREO IN THE STORE, when I saw it...wait a that a NEW MARIA MCKEE album ? Could it be ? I picked it up, and my jaw dropped open...2005...Fuckin' A !! Maria McKee is back, and i have found her !! Uh-Oh...what if it sounds like "Life Is Sweet"( A record I still believe is not really just can't be) ? But I felt it was worth the risk...And boy was it ever worth the risk...This record is amazing...I love it...The only reason I stop listening is because I bought the fountains Of Wayne as well(pretty good itself) and also because my Grateful Dead Dick's Picks Number 35(the Housboat Tapes) arrived on Tuesday as well...but she is holding her sent me back to that day in 1987 when I went to the Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey(the "swamps of Jersey" that Broooooce immortalized) to see Jesus and The Boys(AKA U2) and watch them get blown off the stage by the opening act...none other than Lone Justice, led by none other than the lovely Miss. Maria McKee !! Check this record out...Or don't...I don't care...I have it, and it's making me happy...

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