Thursday, June 30, 2005

Saturn SL1- Avian Toilet Extraordinaire !!

I don't know what it is about our family truckster(the Saturn SL 1 four door sedan-bronze in color-answers to the name of Clementine)...but the Rogers Park birds absolutely adore SHITTING on it...Man, you would think it was made of newspaper or something...It is just consistently covered in bird poop...And it even stays on AFTER a trip to the car wash...What are these god-damned animals eating, for the love of Mike ? It's like their poop forms some sort of covalent bond with the car...Aaaaargh !!!! DAMN YOU, LOCAL BIRDS....DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL !!!!!!!!


Christine said...

Saturn really missed a great marketing opportunity with your entry's title.

Paticus said...

I guess they never considered the Audobon market.

Christine said...

You could also develop a side business harvesting guano.