Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rilo Kiley & Jayhawks Playing in Fountains Of Wayne

"The talking leads to touching
then the touching leads to sex
and then there is no mystery left"- "Portions For Foxes- Rilo Kiley

12:55 a.m.- Holy crap !!! I'm on the road before 1 a.m. on a Blueberry wedding night..Is it fall back night ? No ? Then what the hell happened ? Who gives a shit ? All I got to say is...God bless Froggy's !!!!!

""Headed up to Pittsburgh
Heard you could get a pretty good sandwich
For fifteen and a dime"- Haywire- The Jayhawks

I don't think I have much to say tonight(i know- then how's that different than any other night ? Ha- Ha ) I got my notification that I am allowed to take traffic school online...How very exciting...Traffic school with NO PANTS !!!! Whoo -hoo !! My license and registration ? Sorry, they're in my pants...and my pants ain't here !! Hee-Hee !!!

"Heading for the airpirt on a misty morning
Gonna catch a flight to Baltimore
Try to kill an hour with a whiskey sour
If there's time I might have just one more

I gotta do some quick reading
For the big meeting
But my head is splitting
And I can't quite open my eyes
As long as I don't have to drive

I'm gonna get my shit together
Cause I can't live like this forever
You know I've come too far
And I don't want fail
I got a new computer
And a bright future in sales" Bright Future In Sales- Fountains Of Wayne

That one was a bit long...Probably too long...but what the heck, as I always say...Was the pantsless traffic school a little bit too much information ? Sorry about that...At least i didn't describe my underpants...Should I?

Well, I think that's more than enough for tonight...I think I can go to sleep now...But I'll do it all again tomorrow night/Sunday Morning...Lucky you !!!

Peace out !!
P.S. Try the french fries...they're seasoned with Mrs. Dash !!!

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