Saturday, July 02, 2005

Damn You Papparazzi!!!!!!

Be careful what you wish for, my friends...For you just might get it...Ever since we emerged as the publicity juggernaut known as Jentrick, it has been madness...Vultures lurking at every turn with their cameras...Sure, they don't always look like cameras, but I'm quite sure they are...Some of them are even so good that it almost doesn't seem like they are following us at all, but they don't fool me...I fell their prying lenses, those bastards...You know one even dressed up like an old lady ? She didn't fool me, though...Going on about how that was just her purse, and all that crap... How she's just at the park feeding the pigeons...Nice try papparazzi...We're too smart for that...I know that camera was in that stale loaf of bread somewhere...She actually had the nerve to say she was gonna call the police...Luckilly we had to go to a Greenpeace meeting...As Jentrick really LOVES the environment...That's part of why her little stunt bugged us so much...Imagine pretending to feed those poor pigeons...Lord only knows what the film chemicals did to that bread...And don't even get me started on all the people we see "talking on their cell phones"...Right...We know that they are just taking stealth pictures of Jentrick...Can't they just leave us alone ? Unless we want them to pay attention to us ?

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