Sunday, November 20, 2005

Who's Singing That ?

Okay, there's a cover version of the Blondie song "Hanging On The Telephone" on a current cellphone commercial and I KNOW I recognize the singer's voice, but I CANNOT place it !! I know it's one of those things that when one of you kind kind readers out there(c'mon there has to be at least 1 or 2 people reading right ? If only by accident ?) tells me who it is, I will hit my forehead with the palm of my hand and exclaim "Oh, yeah ! It's (so and so) !!"
Can someone help me out ? Pleeeeeeeeze ?


Xeenie said...

This site:

Says: "If you're a regular reader of Stereogum (and if you read this, you should be, cause it's much better), you may have caught their post linking to the cingular commerical featuring Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) singing "Hanging On The Telephone." The Nerve's cover (which was popularised by Blondie) was arranged by singer/songwriter Sam Bisbee, who was hosting it on his site, til the Stereogum shoutout overworked his bandwith. I managed to rip the audio into an mp3 (sans the talking bits... sorry, if you were looking for a new cel phone plan) before the ad got taken down...

download: Cat Power and Sam Bisbee - Hanging On The Telephone"

Hope that's it!

Paticus said...

YES !!! Cat Power !! (I just hit my forehead with my palm !!) That's why I recognized the voice !! Thank you, my dear friend Xeenie. The only downside was that the download had expired, but now I have one less nagging question in my brain !!!! HUZZAH !!

Xeenie said...

*accepts bouquet of roses, wipes away a pretty tear*

(humbly) "I owe it all to Google."