Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spinning The Hot Discs....

I saw this Music list thing( I must say, I don't like the word Meme, I'm also not a big fan of the whole LOL, ROFLMAO,FYKMA thing either, while I'm stating things I'm not fond of) over at Avitable's, and while I am not savvy enough to put up links, I figure I can share 7 songs I am currently "digging", you know ? Can you dig it ? I knew that you could.

1. Rise Up With Fists!!- Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins- I listen to it over and over and over and over and over again.
The video, is pretty funny, too, and Jenny and the Watson Twins are not tough on the eyes, if you know what I'm saying.

2. Don't Need Love- Grateful Dead- An unreleased song that I have a live recording of from the Greek Theater in Berkeley CA on July 15th 1984. It's a Brent song, and I love it. i had a copy of about half of this performance on an audiocassette from "The Deadhead Hour" when I was in high school. I fell asleep while listening to the show, and when I woke up, that tape had ended, and I quickly flipped it to get a chunk of the song.

3. Smile- Lily Allen- Wow, something relatively new !! She's a singer/songwriter(I think) from England. This song has this light, poppy sound, but it's kinda mean when you listen to the lyrics.

4. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You- Bob Dylan- A live version from the Bootleg series , from his Rolling Thuinder Revue Tour, which I think was 1975. A song I never really had any use for until I heard this version.

5. That's Enertainment-The Jam- Great song that i rediscovered when they used it in "Stranger Than Fiction"

6.More Than A Feeling- Boston- R.I.P., Brad Delp.

7. Brown Eyed Women-Grateful Dead- a live version from Dick's Picks Volume 21: 11/1/85 at the Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA. A great version of one of my ALL-TIME favorite Dead tunes. i lstened to it 4 times in a row on the way home from work the other day, and only stopped at 4 because I arrived at home. I love the way Jerry sings "Raised 8 boys, only I turned bad" on this one.

There ya go, a 7 song list thingy...Fine, a 7 song meme. Happy ?


Avitable said... has this awesome javascript that you put into your template, and anytime you link to an MP3, it puts the little Play arrow next to it. It's called Playtagger.

I love Jenny Lewis - she was Haley in Wizard the Movie (with Fred Savage) and I've loved her ever since.

Paticus said...

I will have to investigate this Playtagger of which you speak.
I still have not seen the Wizard. I must see if I can add it to my Netflix right now,otherwise, I'll forget about it agian until Jenny Lewis' name comes up again.