Monday, June 04, 2007

It Was 40 Years Ago Today...(okay, Technically Yesterday)

And keee-rist !! People have not shut up about it SINCE.

June 3rd, 1967- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band was released. And it has been overrated everyday since then. Sad, but true.

Now, I'm not saying it sucks. It certainly doesn't. But it is not the greatest album ever, either.
Shit, it's not even the Beatles best record(That would be Revolver, for those wondering. Followed by Rubber Soul and Abbey Road-THEN Sgt. Pepper's), and certainly not the greatest album ever.

Highway 61 Revisited is better.London Calling is better. American Beauty is better.Sticky Fingers and Let It Bleed are Better. Exile On Main Street is, too. That could be my Stones/Beatles bias shining through tough.

I know, I know...But all the innovations...the album cover...Songs about Meter Maids !! They were bigger than Jesus( I still think Jesus' '60's recordings are waaay underrated. He was really pushing the envelope)!! It's the Beatles !! It's Sgt. Pepper's !!! BLAH BLAH BLAH. I just don't buy it all. It's a very good record. But not the all time BEST. And don't ask me why any of this matters. I don't fucking know. I was bored, and wanted to write about something. And, my opinion MATTERS!!! Because I say it does.


Jeff said...

You better participate this time!

Mark said...

Yeah, kinda like a certain movie that came out ten years later.


Paticus said...

Jeff- I was one of the few who participated LAST time. I'll be there.

Mark- You mean Saturday Night Fever ? I TOTALLY agree. Way overrated.

Mark said...

I see the farce is still with you...


Yes, SNF too!

Jeff said...

The Beatles. Feh. A way overrated band, period. They would have been absolute shite without Lennon. All you have to do is listen to McCartney's solo work for proof.

I've also always liked the Stones better, although they should have quit after "Sticky Fingers". I saw them once in '89 and Living Colour totally blew them off the stage.

Speaking of the Bee Gees, a new box set of their early work is out. From The Big Takeover (the only music mag you'll ever need, along with Punk Planet): "
Bee Gees – The Studio Albums 1967–1968 (6-cd box set) (Sequel UK)

Bonanza!!! A decade before they went disco, relegating their incredible early stuff to an oxymoronic open secret, the brothers Gibb rivaled their inspirations THE BEATLES with a string of credible, lasting hits and great album tracks. In particular, their first three U.K. LPs, recorded in 1967–1968 as a quintet, remain essential. So this six-CD box, with 40 bonus tracks, is the place to get them for $60 you won’t regret spending."

Paticus said...

Mark- yes, the farce is strong in this one.
Jeff- I will not argue about '70's-80's-90's-00's Stones-Though I tend to like a lot of it more than most(especially the '70's), but i don't neecessarily have convincing arguments for that.
I do like pre-disco Bee-Gee's. I might have to check out the boxed set.Thanks for the tip.