Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Is A Blog Post ?

So, I'm a pretty avid Jeopardy watcher...And there are days when watching the show can make me feel pretty damn smart, but most days, it's humbling, but fun to watch anyway.

  Last night, I witnessed something that I simply must share. And let me start by saying that I am fully aware that this guy is surely smarter than I am. I'm comfortable with being a dolt. It doesn't make this any less funny to me, or make the guy any less smart.

  So, the Final Jeopardy category was Story Inspirations. This made me happy, because since it was not Math or Science(or Geography or History or Grammar or...well, you get the picture)...I might know the answer, or at least make an educated guess.

  here is the answer:

    The 1949 shooting of Philly 1B Eddie Waitkus by Ruth Steinhagen inspired this novel, later a 1984 film.
  (Cue Final Jeopardy music)

 "The Natural" I yell.( I do usually call out answers, even though I usually watch the show alone-sad, I know, though last night, My Special Lady was watching with me) And then I wait for the contestants' answers.
   the music ends, and Alex says(I'm paraphrasing)" it was very good movie, Robert Redford was in it."...And we see the guy in second place visibly deflate...He got it wrong. I feel bad for him.

   The returning champion was in third place, so we see her answer first...She answered correctly and doubled her score.
  Now we come to the guy we know answered incorrectly.Then, they reveal his answer.....
   My Special Lady and I look at each other, and start laughing.

   "Cocktail" ? Really ? I mean, I can certainly understand not knowing the answer, but your guess is "Cocktail"...Wouldn't it better to guess a movie that has baseball in it ? "Field Of Dreams" perhaps ? Or "Major League" for that matter, but "Cocktail" ?

  I don't know, that struck me as very funny. 

 Okay, that's it... You can go.


B.E. Earl said...

Sheesh...everyone knows "Cocktail" came out in 1988. Duh.

Paticus said...

B.E. Earl- That too.

sh said...

I shout out the answers too. Or at least I used to when I lived in in Ohio, and years ago when I was a FT history gradual student w/o a job. Now I only get to watch jeopardy if I'm home sick because for for some odd (stupid) reason jeopardy is on at 3:30 here. (oh right, you know that).

Paticus said...

sh- That's right! It's on at 3:30 in old Chi-Town. I remember that being one of the first things I put on the TiVO when we got it.I never understood the advantage of 3:30 over 7:30. I don't remember what was on at 7:30 instead.

Jim said...

My wife and I exploded in laughter at that too.

Anonymous said...

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