Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today's Post Is One Big Spoiler For The Movie "High Tension"

I know, the movie is like 6 years old, but we just saw it this past weekend, and I have a major beef with it.

Okay, if you have not seen High Tension(aka Switchblade Romance), and you think you want to....STOP READING NOW!!!


Okay. Now, I can appreciate a good twist as much as the next guy, and I can even accept some of the blatant inconsistencies that this movie has in it, that we are clearly supposed to explain away by saying..."Oh, I see, she was crazy.That's how she was able to drive two cars."

  But here is the thing that I cannot just let go. Near the beginning of the movie, right after we have established who the two girls are,and where they are going, we have a scene of the "killer" in his truck, apparently getting a blow job from the severed head of a woman(all done very tastefully, of course), which he then throws out of the truck.
  Now, here's my problem(plotwise) with that scene...We eventually find out that the killer is actually Marie(one of the two main characters of the movie), or one of her personalities, or however you want to explain it, then HOW was she able to kill and receive head from another woman while she was in the car with her friend ? There is no indication that this is happening at another time, or that it's a dream or anything.That's really not fair. they basically completely establish this killer as another person in a way that does not fit with it being Marie.
  I realize that I have probably already spent too much time thinking about this, but it does bug me.It really makes the ending a cheap gimmick, rather than a plot twist. And that kinda pisses me off.

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