Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can I Hear That Again?

Those of you that read this that have known me outside of the interweb are probably aware of my proclivity for repetition when it comes to music. Yep, I'm the guy who used to wear out cassette tapes if there was one particular song on it that I really, REALLY liked. I distinctly remember it happening with my copy of  Tom Petty & the Heatrtbreaker's "Long After Dark"...the song in question ? "Change of Heart. LOVED that tune...Still do. of course, The destruction of the tapes ceased with the advent of the cee dee( and now the iPod).

  Some songs have a short life in this obsessive listening, others keep coming back, again and again.

  Now, this is not a complete compulsion...For the most part, I will not subject other people to this "personality trait", at least not in it's purest form(the repetition of one song over and over). Sure, sometimes My Special Lady has to put up with it, but that was in the contract...She's locked in.

 Sometimes people might be indirectly subjected to it. I'm pretty sure I annoyed some roommates in college(I'm pretty sure I listened to the "Hair" soundtrack for about a week straight in my dorm), maybe some neighbors, and almost definitely people who have worked near me in offices.

  Sometimes people are subjected to it on a slightly wider scale...I might create a mix(or a "playlist" as they are now called) and if you are around me a lot, you may hear that playlist A LOT, but it will often be 1 100 songs or so, so the repetition isn't quite as acute.

  Why am I telling you all this ? Because something is happening, and I think there are two possible reasons( and they are not mutually exclusive)...First, I will share with you what is happening...MY four and half year old daughters do this as well. We will hear a song, and they will want to hear it again, and again, and again, and again, and again...
  And I figure this means one or both of these things are correct...

  1. I am karmicly paying for my annoyance of other people with my repetitiveness.

 2. This is some sort of genetic anomaly that I have passed on to my children.

 What's that ? You want to what our current obsessive songs are? Very well:


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  And the girls':


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