Thursday, June 21, 2007

List-O-Riffic !!!!

I promised more lists...And I am a man of my word...So, here's a list...

My Top 10 Porno Movie Titles

1.A Clockwork Orgy
2. Edward Penishands
3. Erectnophobia
4. Foreskin Gump
5. Beverly Hills, 9021-Ho !!
6. Muffy The Vampire Layer
7. Backside To The Future
8. Snatch Adams
9. I Know Who You Did Last Summer
10. San Fernando Jones And The Temple Of Poon

Honorable Mention: Pulp Friction, Whore Of The Rings,On Golden Blonde , Bitanic

Did I miss any ?


Avitable said...

1. Shaving Ryan's Privates
2. The Fantastic Whore and the Rise of the Silver Member.
3. Ocean's 69
4. Fuckaroo Bonerzai
5. Ho
6. Batman Boinks

c2 said...

Come On Eileen

(I don't know if that really exists, but it should)

Jeff said...

Well, you certainly forgot "Star Whores".

A few from my shelf:

1. The Big Kielbasa (The Dude, indeed!)
2. Balling For Columbine
3. Breast In Show
4. The Pudsucker Proxy
5. Glen, Garry, Glen, Hoss!
6. Angela's Asses
7. The Basketball Fairies
8. Shaved!
9. The Cummitments
10. Bobbin' Roberts

No need for a name change:

1. Super Size Me
2. The Hustler
3. The Big One
4. Roger & Me
5. Pecker

Paticus said...

Avitable- Do they really already have one for the Fantastic Four Sequel ? That's awesome !
C2- My research shows that it does not, in fact exist. I was quite shocked. It was used as a false movie title in Clerks, and there is apparently a porno website that I believe is called Cum on Eileen(I'm at work, so no researching that one for me)- I love Wikipedia!!
Jeff- Nice list. How could I have missed Star Whores ?

Avitable said...

Oh, I was just making up names that should be porns, if they're not already.

Paticus said...

Avitable- Nice. You should get those registered somewhere.

Jeff said...

I was just making shit up also. I thought that's what was going on here.

Paticus said...

Jeff- Wow. You guys put me to shame. All of mine are actual movies. Not that I have seen any of them. Especially not 1, 2 & 3.