Monday, July 30, 2007

Calling All Entertainment Weekly Readers !!!

I have a request for you.
As you may know, for their Simpsons cover last week, EW actually had 4 different covers. I have a subscription, so I received one cover- the Marge. My plan was to go out and scour the newsstands for the other 3( I NEED to have all 4- I don't know whether it's some form of OCD or what, but I need all 4 covers), but I dropped the ball. I didn't find any. Here it goes-D'oh !!
Now, I need your help. Does anyone have copies of the other 3(Bart, Lisa, Homer) that they do not plan to keep ? If so, I beg of you to send them to me. I would gladly reimburse for the price of the mag and mailing costs.


c2 said...

You can also just buy them directly from EW.

I got Bart, I should be able to send it to ya. I'll see if my bro still has his, don't know what cover he got, tho.

Avitable said...

I only got Marge, too.