Wednesday, January 09, 2008

100 Things About Me

Here it is, 100 Things about me... I'm not sure, but I think I'm the first person to ever do one of these.

100. I was almost named Sean, but apparently my Father would not agree to it.
99. I broke my leg when I was 2 ½
98. I never knew either of my Grandmothers.
97. I am the youngest of 6 children.
96. I hate lima beans. I cannot swallow them, they make me gag.
95. I am the father of twin girls, born in 2005.
94. My daughters were born on my 35th birthday.
93. I didn’t know I needed glasses until I failed the eye test for my driver’s permit.
92. I am a Deadhead.
91. I am Irish American.
90. All of my grandparents were born in Ireland.
89.I am a die hard New York Mets fan.
88. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.
87. I care very little about Pro Basketball.
86. I was once robbed at gunpoint.
85. I have been in 4 car accidents in my life.
84. I was driving in 3 of them.
83. ½ of one of them was my fault.
82. I cry at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”
81. I shook hands with Gabriel Byrne in a bar in NYC.
80. I have had my car searched by the police.
79. They were looking for weapons.
78. My name sometimes appears on watch lists at airports.
77. I was once accused of facilitating a robbery.
76. I am married.
75. I have walked out of one movie in my life.
74. I used to lie about going to church when I was kid. I would show up, grab a bulletin(“proof” I was there) and walk right out.
73. I once had a Nun tap my mom on the shoulder and tell her that I could not receive communion because I was chewing gum. I was very lucky that day that my Mom could not shoot lasers with her eyes.
72. I am a Type 2 diabetic.
71. I once caught my balls in my zipper.
70. I can tell you first hand-balls bleed quite a bit when caught in a zipper.
69. I drove from New Jersey to California by myself.
68. I once suggested a movie to Don Mattingly in a video store in my hometown.
67.I am phobic of spiders.
66.I am realizing that 100 things is a lotta god-damned things !!
65. I like the taste of Pepto-Bismol.
64. I once caught my thumb on fire lighting Pledge with a lighter.
63. Twins do not run in my family, they are the result of scientific intervention.
62. I once invented(along with two friends) a new hors d’oeuvres that consisted of a Ritz cracker, spray cheese and a Rolo. It was fan-fucking-tastic.
61. My first concert was the Kinks on their “State of Confusion” tour.
60. My first semester of college, I got one of each grade(A,B,C,D,F)
59. That gave me a C average, which kept me off probation.
58. I had a math class that met on Saturday morning, I rarely went.
57. That’s the class I got the F in.
56. The next semester, I had to take the class again, and again, I got it on Saturday.
55. I never went on Saturday, but this time I got a “C”.
54. I realize that I am cheating a bit with how I breakup some of these things, but hellfuck, 100 things is a lotta god-damned things !
53. I have over 200 Simpsons figures that speak when placed into dioramas.
52. I have every episode of the Simpsons on videotape. Yes, videotape.
51. I once played Santa Claus in the senior holiday skit.
50. I worked on a farm for a summer.
49. I didn’t know how to tie a tie until I was 24.
48. I had enough room for my wisdom teeth to come in, but the top ones both broke and needed to be pulled.
47. I delivered liquor as a summer job, and I lost at least two clipboards because I left them on the top of the car.
46. I also got lost quite a few times.
45. I am allergic to cats.
44. I am also allergic to pollen and most perfumes.
43. I always eat the ears of chocolate bunnies first.
42. I believe that I was the first person to use the phrase/word ‘hellfuck”
41. # 43 is a lie.
40. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.
39. I think I could eat bacon at every meal and never grow tired of it.
38. I lied in # 40 as well.
37. It was a Wendy’s bathroom.
36. 37 is a lie too.
35. I have never gotten busy in any major food chain’s bathroom.
34. When I was in high school, I handed out my autograph and told people it would be worth something someday.
33. Regarding # 71 & 70-It’s also not nearly as funny as they tried to make it seem in “There’s Something About Mary”.
32. I wrote a horror trilogy when I was in high school.
31. It was about this psycho killing stars at a major awards show..
30. We filmed the first two scenes of Part I, but then production fell apart.
29. The scripts are lost forever.
28. I also made a short film called “The Marlboro Man” when I was a freshman in high school.
27. That video still exists.
26. Actually, the two scenes from my horror film still exist as well.
25. Wow. This list sure shows how boring a person I am.
24. I used to sit and inhale Mr. Sketch markers for hours.
23. The mango was always my favorite.
22.On a dare in high school, I only shaved half of my face for two weeks.
21. I had to have a root canal in one of my front teeth because the filling that my EX dentist put in “attacked” the nerve in the tooth.
20. I once had an infected toenail that got so bad I almost lost my toe.
19. I had a cyst removed from the root of one of my teeth.
18. I almost fainted during the cyst removal because I opened my eyes and realized that all of the blood that was on my apron and on the front of the oral surgeons gown was mine.
17. It was A LOT of blood.
16. The cyst was not cancerous.
15. I started smoking when I was 17.
14. I smoked regularly for 10 years.
13. I quit in 1997 when I had bronchitis that turned into pneumonia.
12. I have had smoking bouts since then, but have not gone back to it regularly.
11. My freshman year of college, my Mom and Dad sent me a laundry basket full of Easter candy and stuff.
10. I once ran into someone from my hometown in Jersey at a Dead show in Indiana.
09. I hate peas.
08. I love mashed potatoes.
07. # 9 is not a lie.
06. I once sold the handle from a gas pump for a dollar at a garage sale.
05. I once pretended to be sick so I did not have to perform a roller skating routine in gym class in grammar school.
04. I still don’t know how to roller skate.
03. I went to gym class drunk once in high school.
02. The movie in #75 was “Rattle and Hum”
01. I am now done with this list.


c2 said...


I am really sorry about that.

Avitable said...

I had those Simpsons figures, too, and I kept a few of them, but sold all of the sets. The quality is so bad that they would barely fit on there and many of them wouldn't work the way they were supposed to.

Paticus said...

c2- thanks for the sympathy.

Avitable- I only really had a quality problem with one of them(Kent Brockman). Unfortunately, they are still all boxed up from wehn we moved. they take up A LOT of room !!

Avitable said...

Yeah, they do! That's why I sold the sets. They were way too bulky.