Thursday, May 01, 2008

P.O.I.T. !!!!

Due to the troubles that I detailed yesterday, there has not been a lot of movement on the Praise Ogma, it's Thursday front. But fear not, the movement is still going forward.

I guess you folks must really be working on some intricate logo ideas, as we have ZERO submissions to the P.O.I.T. Logo contest so far. I am soooo excited for the entries !!

We are contacting celebrities regarding being the National Spokesperson for P.O.I.T.- we need to get a national(and eventually International) profile brewing. There is a gentleman calling himself Pastor Wright that keeps leaving me voicemails, I think I'll give him a call back.

I'm also working on a sponsorship deal with some of the major sports. I think I have just about secured the National Curling Association, and I am in talks with both the Idaho Billiards Coalition and the Lawn darts Collective of North Dakota, so keep those fingers crossed !!

Peace out, Crimestoppers...And Praise Ogma It's Thursday !!!!